We are committed to entrepreneurial success, representing investors and growing ventures from start-up to exit. We leverage our legal and business knowledge with our entrepreneurial spirit & connections.

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In the heart of Phoenix

Hool Coury Law is located in the Biltmore Financial Center, where our attorneys leverage the deep legal and business knowledge attained over 20 years to help our clients achieve their goals.

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Our Areas of practice
Hool Coury Law: representing entrepreneurs, investors, companies and growing ventures from start-up to exit!
Areas of Practice

Our industry experience includes private and public transactions in a diverse range of fields. Our attorneys counsel public and privately held companies.

We counsel clients on hiring practices, inventions, employment manuals and procedures, independent contractor issues, wage laws, negotiating termination, arranging compensation & benefits.

We help our clients profit from their contributions. Securing the proper intellectual property protection in their works. We negotiate and draft contracts in publishing, arts, film and television.

In today’s economy, companies succeed by commercializing their innovations and obtaining proper intellectual property protection, trademarks & rights.

Our experience with corporate clients and entrepreneurs has allowed us to develop the skills and depth necessary to represent all business clients efficiently in today’s competitive market.

Our attorneys counsel clients in the areas of finance, including corporate restructuring and public and private offerings of debt or equity. We counsel in all aspects and phases of real estate.

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Hool Coury Law is actively involved in the community and local business and venture scene. Here is the recent news & upcoming events

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